I-WIL Launches Something BIG!

March 20, 2019

As women, we know we are stronger together, but collectively we haven't always made it easy to create a supportive environment. Our focus has been on building a constructive environment where critical conversations are facilitated, voices are lifted, and women are connected in ways that help break glass ceilings now and in the future. What is your I-WIL? Whom will you become? What will you do? How will you help others reach their goals? Join I-WIL and find out just how strong we can be together!




Accordingly, I-WIL seeks to create a community of like-minded women thought the I-WIL Ambassador program. The annual membership in I-WIL Ambassador program is $400 and can be paid once annually, or in monthly installments of $36 per month.


Included in your I-WIL Ambassador membership are attendance and admittance into our monthly events. Each year we will have 12 monthly meetings, four in each category: panel discussions, customized networking events, and SPARK talks. You