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Idaho Women in Leadership

I-WIL offers networking opportunities, keynote speakers and Gallup Strengthsfinder assessment and coaching to assist with professional development. We partner with universities and community organizations to conduct research on women's leadership in the Idaho workforce so we can develop evidence-based training curriculum.


Our events and programs help individuals and corporations better understand and value the different talents and skills women bring to business and demonstrate how men and women can work together to positively impact companies' bottom lines.

"The best partnerships happen when you join forces with someone whose strengths complement yours and focus on a single goal. You accomplish together what you could not do on your own.

-Gallup Strengths-Based Partnerships Team Coaching-


I-WIL partners with Network of Executive Women-Idaho to offer women the chance to network with other professionals in the retail and consumer goods industry, to help advance women leaders and grow their business. 


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 Gallup Strengthsfinder Assessment & Coaching

Identify Your Leadership Strengths

Identify and lead with your strengths by discovering exactly what they are with Gallup Strengthfinder

Personalized Strengths-based Coaching

Get an individualized analysis of your Gallup Strengthsfinder assessment results and learn how they can help you become a stronger and smarter leader.

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I-WIL's Program's Director Amanda Visosky is a Certified Gallup Strengthsfinder Coach and has a keen ability to help others identify their individual leadership strengths. 


Participants must first take the Gallup Strengthsfinder Assessment before booking a personal coaching session with Amanda. Following the assessment, participants will get one-on-one feedback on how they can use their strengths to become better leaders at work, home, and in the community.

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